developing HUman-Centered Marketing Strategy

Is there market space for a premium device during non-traditional gifting occasions?


Although this premium tech company traditionally marketed their device during the winter holidays, increasing competition this time of year meant a decrease in sales and a clear need to better understand their consumers to get ahead.

They needed a fresh start to their marketing strategy, beginning with their consumers: why do people give gifts? And what opportunities exist for gifting this company's device?


Their question fundamentally centered around understand the individual behaviors, social habits, and cultural context surrounding gifting, so the methodology took a multi-pronged approach.

First, I synthesized existing academic and business research into a literature review that uncovered existing theories on why and when people give gifts.

Next, my colleague and I conducted 8 phone interviews (IDIs) and 2 dyads with device purchasers to expand upon the broad cultural trends of the literature review to the specific consumer behaviors with this device.


This exploratory research refined the marketing strategy for the upcoming year.